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Medical/Dental/Nursing internships in India will put you in the center of hospital ecosystems which will enable you to witness how hospitals run in low-resource hospital settings. You will rotate through departments like Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, ICU, Trauma, Orthopedics among others. There is no better way to get real life perspective on the Indian health care system than through medical shadowing. Here you will see a variety of cases which you might never be able to see in your current place of work.

Internships for medical students aid personal development by building confidence, improving communication skills, and fostering new perspectives. As an added bonus, your resume will look fantastic.
You can customize your internship meaning you can choose which departments you want to experience.

Travel flexibility — Travel whenever you want and for as long or as short as you like—Anything from a week to months is possible depending on your budget and preferences.

We will assist you in applying for the right visa for this internship and even make travel arrangements in India if you want so through our travel partner(separate cost).

We provide 24/7 support both inside and outside the hospital setting, ensuring you get unique experience on this once-in-a-lifetime clinical internship. We will also assist you in finding modern and fully equipped accomodations and your type of food while you are here.

We will also help you in getting acquainted with locals like getting a sim card, currency, briefing you about popular places to eat, drink and relax, telling you dos and donts in this country etc.

Once you are settled and comfortable we will also take you on a full hospital orientation, introducing you to staff in your chosen departments. Our hospital is located in one of the cleanest and well organized cities of India Jaipur, also called as Pink City. It is the capital of the largest state of India which is Rajasthan. You will also have a Hindi language and yoga class every evening. Internships run from Monday to Friday, leaving your evenings and weekends free.
The range of tasks will generally depend upon the setting the intern is placed in. Speaking to patients(depending on the language skills of both intern and patient), taking clinical history, carrying out basic medical tasks under supervision, observing more complicated medical tasks, taking bodily observations and recording them accurately, and assisting nursing staff, under supervision are some tasks which you will be required to do.
Due to the nature of the work, tasks are supervised at all times, helping the intern to develop their confidence over a period of time. This also includes working as part of a team and contributing in decision making.
All interns within the healthcare industry will have a dedicated supervisor, to help, support, and advise throughout the period of the internship placement.

Regardless of the area of specialism, interns should possess the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • An eye for detail and accuracy
  • Confidence
  • An interest in healthcare and the systems of the body
  • A caring, kind, and sympathetic nature when dealing with patients
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality

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